eHarmony - Language of Love profile checker

eHarmony - Language of Love profile checker

The Objective

The brief was to use eHarmony’s analysis of which words make a dating profile more attractive to allow users easily test their own online dating profile and share their results on social media. The piece of interactive content should use eHarmony’s findings to not only analyse their own profiiles but also help the user to improve it.

The app had to be quick, easy to use and embed directly into their blog site.

The Approach

Octophin Digital created an embeddable, mobile-friendly web app where users select their gender and copy or type in their online dating profile text to be analysed.

After submitting their profile, the user’s overall score is visualised on a “word-o-meter” from ‘Needs Work’ through to ‘Excellent’ depending on which words they’ve included in their profile. Each word has a unique positive or negative score according to the percentage increase in incoming communication discovered by eHarmony’s data scientists.

A dynamic paragraph shows the user which words they’ve included will help or hinder their dating success according to eHarmony’s findings, and randomised suggestions from the list of positive words for that gender are offered to help the user improve their chances of finding love.

A database powers a score for each user against everyone else who has used the tool, telling them they are in the “top percentage of people”, encouraging them to share their achievement on social media.

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