Artsadmin Room Bookings system

Artsadmin Room Bookings system

A room booking, staff management and equipment and catering system

We built on our previous work building a CRM system for Artsadmin to create a replacement for their existing studio room booking system and other internal systems.

As on the original CRM project “KIWI” we worked with arts consulatants Golant Media Ventures to research the needs of the organisation, look at exiting systems and see how better data could be collected while keeping the system as fast and easy to use as possible.

We soon realised that the room booking system would have to involve a lot more than just room bookings.

In the end it included:

  • Bookings for multiple spaces, pulling in data for organisations (including pricing bands) from the existing CRM.
  • Bulk bookings over a series of dates (skipping days, etc)
  • Equipment and catering management
  • Automatic contract generation and price calculation. Equipment, catering, staffing and room bookings all calculated and discounted based on amount of bookings, special rate calculations and pricing bands based on a system of financial year price lists. All editable by staff.
  • Staff shift management - looking at the requirements for the day and allowing administrators to allocate appropriate staff and list shifts.
  • Multiple permissions levels for viewing, creating and editing data.
  • Reports on all data entered through integrations with the existing CRM reports.