Whether it’s a simple website, an interactive map, data visualisation, game or a large community or ecommerce system we’ve got experience in building it. Not exactly sure of the shape things will take? We’ll happily help you through the planning and development stages to make sure the final product delivers exactly what you want it to.

With such a wide range of projects we don’t have a go-to set of tools but prefer to pick the perfect tools for every job. We also pride ourselves in being able to explain technology often shrouded in buzzwords and jargon to everyone so you can be comfortable about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Here are some of the technologies we use:

Content management systems/frameworks

Choosing a content management system is hard work. There are so many to choose from and compare and so many contradictory blog posts. We’ve used a lot of them and still do. Why not settle on one? Because each has its benefits.

Drupal and Drupal Commerce

With eight years of Drupal experience we know it inside and out. It’s huge, complex and sometimes over-the-top for a project but when you need an advanced system with many users, integrations with lots of external services or a system with an advanced do-it-yourself administration system Drupal is the best choice.

Because of its extensibility we love the Drupal Commerce system, having built membership systems, donation systems and shops with complex pricing rules.


When it comes to blogging or content-heavy sites WordPress is the best. We love building beautiful WordPress themes from scratch to make sure a project stands out from the crowd. We also spend as much time configuring the back-end of the website so it’s easy to use, something that is often forgotten.


Designers love ExpressionEngine because it sticks to being a content management system and doesn’t get in the way of theming a site. If you’ve got a site with an unusual content structure that you want to display in a beautiful way that doesn’t fit in with the posts and pages categories of other systems, ExpressionEngine is perfect.


We’ve built and managed a large CRM (customer relationship management) system using the open source SuiteCRM on top of which we built custom modules, plugins and feeds. If you’re looking for a new CRM system or improvements to your existing one, we’d love to help you out.


There are lots more, we’ve managed and developed on some large Joomla sites (similar in methodology to Drupal) and our site is built using static site builder Jekyll. We’ve also helped create a node.js powered content management system ourselves called Iris.

We’ll always do the research to make sure we’ve picked the right system for the job.

Programming languages and frameworks

Most of our code is written using the main languages of the web. JavaScript, HTML and CSS. We are hugely passionate about the web as a platform and on web standards, making sure the things we build are viewable on many types of devices by all kinds of people. Before using the latest hyped-up framework (Angular.js, React…) we see if it’s necessary. Future proofing, accessibility and performance are key.

We love node.js and PHP having delivered consultancy work and training on both but believe in picking the perfect programming language for the job too. Have a niche Haskell or Prolog project you need help with? We’d love to.


Where you store your data and how securely you do so is a huge part of many projects. We’ve used MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, NeDB and others and love working to get data in and out via APIs and search systems.

External services and APIs

We love working with APIs (application programming interfaces) from other services and building our own. We’ve built complex Facebook and Twitter integrations, Foursquare powered apps and integrated MailChimp and Google Analytics events into lots of projects. We’ve also worked with many small specialised APIs such as bespoke ticketing and CRM systems. If you have something that needs linking up to something else, get in touch.