Interactive Map Builder

Interactive Map Builder

Engage with your visitors before and during their visit with an interactive map.

Your site map can be a lot more than a static image. Our fully customisable interactive map has been created specially for outdoor attractions, museums and zoos to excite and engage your customers while they plan their visit.

Key features

  • Your own site map as a background

  • Fully customisable visual markers for every exhibit or place to visit

  • Image and text in map pop-ups for more information

  • Smart search tool for users to locate exhibits on the map

  • A tour builder feature for users to create and save their own tours

  • Your team can create custom filters and visitor tours eg. a wet weather route

  • Display the times of daily talks and events

  • Advertise date-specific events only for when the user is visiting

  • Show the location of facilities such as restaurants, shops and toilets

Try it for yourself

Play around on our interactive map working demo to see what it can do:

Interactive map demo

Get in touch and we can set up an editable version for you to customise on