Land of the Lions online game

March 29, 2016

Introducing our latest project for ZSL London Zoo: Land of the Lions: The Game.

What’s it for? Well two pretty good reasons.

Firstly, to build anticipation and online buzz ahead of the opening of ZSL London Zoo’s brand new exhibit Land of the Lions, a 2,500 square metre immersive exhibit housing mongoose, langur monkeys and a pride of Asiatic lions.

Secondly, to raise awareness of the plight of the species, one of the most endangered predators on the planet, and toeducate the public about its habitats, threats and the ongoing work ZSL’s conservation teams are doing to protect it.

The game has two modes, adventure and arcade. Adventure mode allows you to explore the Indian forest habitat as a lion, hunting prey such as wild boar, getting snapped by ZSL’s camera traps, and encountering human villages. Compete against yourself and friends on social media against the clock in Arcade mode.

Play the Land of the Lions game

Have a play and let us know what you think by tweeting us @OctophinDigital.