Web Developer - Wildlife Conservation, Arts, Games (closed)

November 08, 2018

Octophin Digital is a digital agency working primarily within the wildlife conservation, arts and charity sectors. Our work is some of the most interesting and rewarding in the industry: building games, interactive maps, apps, websites and systems for great people and world-renowned organisations.

We are looking for an experienced programmer to work on projects such as mapping seals, sharks and birds across the planet, developing online scientific communities, building interfaces for conservation technology hardware, interactive exhibit displays, educational games and more.

It’s not all about animals though. We work with leading organisations from industries ranging from dating to genealogy, the arts to architecture. We also produce our own creative projects and would welcome new ideas.

Though you won’t solely be working on server-side code, we’re looking for a developer comfortable diving into the logic behind what is shown to the user. Even when it is frontend work, it will often be linked to data visualisation calculations, game logic, interactivity, database queries or APIs.

We are looking for a developer who cares about the open, accessible, standards-based platform of the web, so knowledge of semantic HTML, JavaScript and an understanding of CSS are essential.

You’ll have worked for several years using PHP (perhaps via Drupal, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, SuiteCRM), Python or Node.js and know your way around MongoDB, MySQL and REST APIs. We also work beyond these technologies and are always open to other languages and systems, finding the best tool for each job whether a tried and tested methodology like PHP and MySQL, or future-pointing languages like Haskell.

Most of all you’ll be someone who loves solving problems through code, loves learning new things and is passionate about the organisations and causes we work for. We’ll help you develop your skills by paying you to attend conferences, workshops and other training opportunities.

We’re a small team so you’ll have direct input on almost everything we do. The job will also involve working closely with clients, whether scientists, conservationists, charity-workers or managers so you’ll need excellent communication skills.

We’re based in one of the best workspaces in London, Impact Hub Islington, so you’ll be surrounded by a diverse range of people making a difference to the world.

With lots of discussion and meetings with clients both on and off-site, being based with us in London would be best, but some remote work is possible.

Person specification:

  • Expertise in at least one server-side language (e.g. PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js).
  • Fluent in HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A passion for wildlife conservation, the arts or games would be ideal.

Email hello@octophin.com with a CV and short covering letter making sure to put in links to projects you’ve worked on and what you did on them, along with any other relevant experience or interests.