Remi Friedman

Hi, I’m Remi.

I’m a web developer, project coordinator and Conservation Lead at Octophin.

I’ve been working with data and databases in various contexts since my very first job out of school. Among the various hats I’ve worn in my career, I have been an assistant manager of a visitor attraction, a digitizing technician for a global biodiversity initiative, and a zoo-keeper.

Along the way I have become a skilled project manager and people coordinator; I am attentive and conscientious in communicating with clients to shape projects exactly around their needs and vision. I started my coding journey with python and since working as a web developer I focus more on JS, PHP, HTML and CSS. I especially enjoy creating elegant solutions to solve problems.

My academic background is in ecology and biodiversity (my MSc title is long and too ridiculous to include here) which is a particular asset when working with Octophin’s various conservation-based clients.

Outside of digital development, I am an events coordinator, amphibian specialist, phylogeneticist, biodiversity infomatician, intersectional feminist, hitchhiker and geek. I enjoy participating in improv jams, making origami dinosaurs, cooking (I’m an excellent cook when I have the time) and, most recently, morris dancing.

You can get in touch with me at