Filip Hnízdo

Hi! I’m Filip. I’m a computer programmer, writer (& former newspaper journalist), digital artist, musician and trainer. And co-founder of Octophin Digital.

I love making interactive maps, apps, games and… yeah, pretty much everything Octophin Digital does.

I’ve made things on the web since I was 11. I don’t think I’ll stop any time soon. I specialise in JavaScript web development, using it to build anything from small apps to code-mammoths like content management systems and social networks. Where’s the fun in just one language though? I still love PHP and increasingly dabble in Haskell and Prolog. Technologies (especially on the web’s front end) come and go so I always aim to pick the best tools for each job. I’m hugely passionate about web standards and the web as a platform so you’ll often find me writing plain, beautiful JavaScript, HTML and CSS rather than using the latest trendy framework.

My web development work has been featured internationally in publications including the BBC, Independent, Ars Technica, Wired Japan and Create Digital Music.

I love learning and making new things, being addicted to textbook-buying and conference/meetup presenting and attending but also passing on knowledge through projects such as mentoring young people at the wonderful Coder Dojo and doing 1-1 JavaScript training.

I’m a writer, having worked as a newspaper and magazine journalist for many years both in print and online. I also started an online arts magazine back in 2004 and have written about web design and typography for Wired magazine.

I compose, record and play music (I did the WiredUK podcast music that you may have heard) and make lots of digital art as well.

TL;DR? I love making things and talking about making things. Follow me or ping me a message @filipnest on Twitter. or email